Immersive Media Services

Immersive Media in the form of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) experiences are quickly becoming accessible to people globally as companies like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft bring new products and services to market this year.

Smartphones are instantaneously converted to a VR screen with the use of low cost products like Google Cardboard.  The simplicity of its application by converting existing mobile devices, means people are discovering the power of virtual reality at home, in schools and in business. 

We provide consulting, production and products to schools and Businesses to take advantage of this transformational technology and its endless applications.

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At Veality, our team brings more than 16 years experience in applying digital media technology solutions within commercial and educational contexts. We work with our clients to deliver an amazing virtual reality (VR) experience, aligned with their objectives - delivering relevant solutions that will enhance established communication channels.

Veality is working in industries including Education, Tourism and Property to deliver unique experiences; integrating web, mobile and onsite VR solutions. 

To explore how VR may enhance your business, educational or governmental objectives, contact us today.



Google's introduction of the cardboard headset has made VR accessible to any person with a resent model smart phone. The method used in our productions are designed to reduce as many barriers as possible with ease of use of the end user in mind. 

Veality doesn't believe in one size fits all and have searched the world for a range of technologies to use in the production process. 

We have been able to establish a cost effective method of production by not trying to reinvent the wheel, but to using widely adopted technology and skills but just applied in a different way.  

Veality has been quick to market in Australia with an affordable production solution for Real Estate Sector.

Case  Study - Retirement Village Sales Tool

Retirement Villages have changed a lot over the years, resembling more resorts than aged care facilities, Retirement Communities Australia one of Australia fastest growing groups saw virtual reality as a way to give qualified prospects a different sales experince.

Is this what it really looks like inside?
— A surpised prospective purchaser when viewing property as VR.

These live experiences can be viewed on the web browser anywhere in the world with the use of google cardboard or similar mobile phone adapted headset.

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Training & Support

Veality's owners have introduced new technologies to people for close to two decades. With this extensive experience we tailor training programs for organisations. Apply the technology in a way it makes sense to staff so they can apply it in practice to achieve the intended outcome.

Ongoing we can provide coaching and staff technical support to insure what they learned in training is applied in practice

Holobuilder Training

Lean to build a property tours using Holobuilder software. 

Click the image below to see a sample- View in VR format or in 3D mode on a Tablet or Mobile.